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whiteLABEL niceNwide :
stereo enhancer ...

with super-simple operation this lovely stereo enhancer will make your mix sound nice.

and wide.

intuitive gui, superb sound.
price : £15

whiteLABEL simpleTON II :
all fired-up and ready to scream ...

a brand new GUI, more filter poles. new distortion algos with bias and rectifier, a choice of routings and a built-in limiter.

more powerful. much more powerful ...
... but just as simple
price : £15

whiteLABEL falseFI :
feed-forward false stereo.

Ultra simple and great sounding, falseFI turns any mono input into stereo using comb-filtering and a little whiteLABEL special sauce - fresh and old-skool tone options and a touch of m/s processing
price : £10

whiteLABEL d:SHIFT(st) :
modulated delay/pitch-shifter combo.

Q : what happens when a stereo pitch-shifter collides head-on with a filtered, bit-crushing, waveshaping : delay ... ?

A : whiteLABEL d:SHIFT(st) - a whole box of bad from subtle chorus effects to mind bending screams and growls...
price : £15

whiteLABEL bolsteriser rev(A) :

soft-knee rms-style compressor from the popular fantasy vintage range of dynamics processors, rev(A) is considered the original bolsteriser. From soft and gentle to in-your-face and f**k'ed-up rev(A) delivers everytime.

"a godsend to naked tracks of the world."
price : £15

whiteLABEL bolsteriser rev(B) :

hard-knee peak-style compression with a touch of vintage nastiness - from smooth and clean to gnarly and nasty and anywhere inbetween - use this little monster to tickle, or utterly smash your audio - part of the bolsterisers family :

"simply brutal ... in all the right ways."
price : £15

whiteLABEL bolsteriser rev(C) :

hard-knee peak-style compander / booster with the same pseudo-analog behaviour and quirk of the compressor variants, rev(C) acts to boost the signal around the threshold, not squash it above ...

"like a 7 year old joy riding a SUV"
price : £15

whiteLABEL bolsteriser rev(D) :

soft-knee rms-style companer / booster - rev(D) has been likened to the mighty U1176. Driven hard it tends towards a gate, but retains the soft-knee characteristic.

"my secret weapon in the loudness wars"
price : £15

whiteLABEL bolsteriser rev(E) :

the mid/side family member - internally a hybrid between revs (A) and (B), rev(E) acts only on the side signal - use it to manipulate the width

"painting my bus with naughty graffiti"
price : £15

whiteLABEL bolsteriser rev(F) :

the side-chained member of the family, rev(F) is more extreme than revs (A) and (B). Operating on 2 mono sources, rev(F) can be used for all manner of sidechain compression effects ... with attitude.

"nasty, throbbing and phat."
price : £15

whiteLABEL stWIP :

full-feature digital channel offering gate, 10-mode compressor, 3 band parametric EQ, shelving filters, distortion and limiter - everything you need to tweak to your hearts content. Includes EQ and Waveform views, and a host of GUI refinements.

"I got one open on every channel"
price : £15

whiteLABEL stWIP(XL) :

all the features of the regular stereo stWIP but capable of operating in any configuration upto 6 channels wide

requires a surround capable host.
price : £40


digital multi-compressor - a dozen compressors in one offering peak and rms hard-and-soft knee compressor and signal boosting, filtered sidechains, various lookahead modes, dynamic distortion ... and with 4 inputs - external key inputs for some hardcore sidechaining action.
price : £25

whiteLABEL autoBED :

Lookahead Stereo Ducker with virtual sidechain inputs. The classic use for autoBED is when you have a music track and a presenter's voice. Whenever the presenter is heard, the music fades into the background. As the music fades, its presence falls leaving focus for the presenter.
price : £15

whiteLABEL baddASS :

Bass drum fortification device. baddASS is designed for sorting out weak bass drums. It can be used to gate the incoming bass drum and reduce spillage, but thats just the start. From storming bottom end to (even more) evil cutting distortion, baddASS's drive, crush and EQ sections give you plenty of scope for re-inventing your kick.
price : £10

whiteLABEL stwETCH :

Playable granular timestrecher / FSU fx. stwETCH is a playable granular timestretching & buffer repeater effect capable of stretching upto 500% normal length using granule sizes ranging from 10 to 500 ms, meaning that relatively smooth and total whack-job are both possibilities here.
price : £10

whiteLABEL comPANION :

4 stage graphic compander. comPANION, is a compressor / expander / dynamics tool with graphic envelopes. Redraw the dynamic of your source by dragging on the screens to create the desired shape.
price : £15

whiteLABEL monoLOW :

Low band conformance machine. The lower its frequency, the more a sound loses its directionality, so it makes little sense for frequencies below a certain point to be spread accross a stereo mix - infact, a stereo bottom-end can cause a loss of focus ... Enter monoLOW
price : £15

whiteLABEL sideFIRE :

Stereo Enhancer & Distorter. sideFIRE is a stereo distorter - that is to say it works by messing with the stereo part of the input signal. It can be used to widen and lengthen a stereo input, create false stereo from a mono input, code/decode mid/side format recordings or alternatively create monster stereo distortions.
price : £15

whiteLABEL sideGATE :

Lookahead Flexi-gate with virtual sidechain input. When the sidechain is higher than the threshhold, the channel is audible, when lower, gated - just the sort of functionality needed to gate a reverb according to the level of a snare drum, a synth according to a hi-hat, a bass according to a bass drum and so on.
price : £10

whiteLABEL simpleTON :

Dual Filter & Distortion. High pass, low pass, drive, mix - Simple and powerful - why is it not in my DAW by default ?

"shine the dirty light on things ... in a good WAY!"
price : £10

whiteLABEL disPRESSA :

distortion powered compressor. Not a normal math modelled compressor - no threshhold, ratio, or knee controls. Instead disPRESSA uses overdrive as its method of compression. The input channel is overdriven and then measured. Its level is then used to set the level of the clean output channel.
price : £10

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