whiteLABEL bolsterisers

Please note : the Group-Buy is now closed :
massive thanks to all those taking part
if you're feeling sore at having missed-out, don't worry ...
you can get the bolsterisers at 65% discount here

Normally the bolsterisers cost £15 each, but for a limited time, you can get them all for the reduced price of £10 - no, not £10 each : £10 for all of them -
that's 6, yes six - count them - 1,2,3,4,5,6 - revs A,B,C,D,E & now F

SIX stereo compressors.

the entire bolsteriser dynamics family can be yours for just £10.

whiteLABEL SKWOSH is part of the sale

so you now get 7

SEVEN compressors for TEN POUNDS

click here to join the group-buy - *only 1 place left* - don't miss-out !

click above to join the group-buy ... offer strictly limited to the first 100 participants
join early if you don't want to miss-out !
More info and free mono versions can be found on the bolsterisers main page ...
note on bolsteriser compatibility : here

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a huge discount on Dusted William's Dirty Dose

and more :
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great savings on great synths from H.G.Fortune

( you'll find some additional links in the whiteLABEL customer zone after joining)

please note : the bolsterisers group-buy is being administered *manually* and as such it may take upto 24 hours for your download links to arrive - please be patient - we're aiming to have new purchases fulfilled by 5pm (GMT) on the day of purchase - thanks !

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