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whiteLABEL bolsteriser(CM) is a Computer Music Magazine exclusive addition to the popular dynamics plugin series : the bolsterisers. Part of the Computer Music Studio, only available on the Computer Music Magazine coverdisc - in the shops from May 2011.

"imbued with rich character and iconoclastic spirit, bolsteriser CM offers many subtle and not-so-subtle ways to tweak your sound."

A mash-up of rev(A) and rev(D), bolsteriser(CM) is a soft-knee'd wave-shaping compander using an internal pre/post emphasis/de-emphasis EQ-pair to colour the signal. Simply turn-up the boost-knob tweak the tone-control ... and let-rip.

bolsteriser(CM) has been made just that little bit more aggressive than revs(A & D) with smoothness and personality sliders unleashing more distortion than before - use it as a compressor, a booster or a complete signal destroyer, but don't worry if you take it too-far, controls for make-up gain and output wet/dry mix easily tame the wild beasts from within.

As with the other bolsterisers, a second panel allows for fine-tuning of attack and decay times, with additional controls for such exotic goodies as envelope filtering hysteresis and smoothing as well as transfer function bias and distortion tone - panel accessible by clicking the face on the VU meter.

Talking of which, the meter can be set to show input, output and gain, and if you come unstuck with all these controls, simply click the safety sticker, top-left to bring-up the pdf cheat-sheet.
"a powerful dynamic processing tool from the eccentric mind of whiteLABEL ... let's get bolsterising" Tim Cant, Computer Music Magazine

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