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simpleTON II

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whiteLABEL simpleTONII

simpleTON II : dual filter distortion
more power, more control, more distortion, more ... simpleTON

Basically, there's more of it - lots more ... with upto 8 poles per filter and huge amounts of resonance on-tap, simpleTON can really, *really* scream. Each filter is now switchable between HP and LP and the A / B mode switch can give each a different flavour. With more poles comes more resonance and simpleTON II has it by the ship-load, so for safety the full force is only available via a new 'screaming' mode.

The distortion section has also received a big boost with the addition of a rectifier, a bias knob and a two new distortion algorithms ripped from the bleeding hearts of bolsteriser revs (C) & (D) and re-engineered into waveshapers. Bigger, Heavier ... more Distortier, the algo can be switched between pre or post filter 2 to chose between original and simpleTON II models.

With the combined force of 16 resonant poles and a more aggressive distortion section it's possible to generate an obscenely hot signal, so it's advisable to use the built-in limiter and gain controls to tame the results prior to wet/dry balancing the output.

simpleTON II's brand new interface is bigger, clearer and easier to use with everything placed in logical positions. All controls have hints and there's double-click reset on relevant knobs as well as direct text input of both frequency and resonance (by clicking the control name). The LED on each filter respond to its input, and the limiter LED shows the depth of cut.

Two filter units :
  • switchable high pass / low pass
  • upto 48 dB/octave response
  • controls for frequency and resonance
  • A / B operating mode
  • additional high resonance screaming mode
switchable routing to distortion, with :
  • controls for Threshold and Drive
  • 2 algorithms - overdrive or wave-shaping
  • bias control
  • rectifier
other features :
  • pre-mix limiter
  • gain control
  • output wet / dry mix control
  • VST automation parameters
  • MIDI control with learn function
demo limitations :
  • full version is stereo, demo is mono (but not time-limited)
  • full version has automation & midi, demo does not

Interface based on photography by Jack Rabelais and Eric M Martin

current version : 2.0
price : £15

to buy a licence please visit the
whiteLABEL online shop

read manual read licence download demo

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