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whiteLABEL simpleTON

simpleTON dual filter and distortion
high pass, low pass, drive, mix

Simple and powerful - why isn't it in my DAW by default ?

the MUCH IMPROVED * simpleTON II * is now available - upgrade now and get it for half-price (existing users only)

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All I needed was a high pass, followed by a low pass, a bit of drive and a mix control, but could I find it in one plugin ? NO.

So now its grown up and gained a few more tweaks here and there including an additional more aggressive filter mode, and the ability to adjust the distortion contour

It's still simple, but its even more lovely now ...

"I use it everywhere" (DarkBeing Drum 'n' Bass producer)

  • 2 inputs, 2 outputs
  • high-pass frequency & gain controls
  • low-pass frequency & gain controls
  • switchable 12 or 24 dB filter cutoff
  • 2 filter modes
  • Distortion with controls for Drive and Contour
  • Output mix control
  • Output meters

Version 1.1 : improved metering with peak hold function

VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi control

The free version is mono, based on v1.0, the full stereo version is v1.1

current version : 1.1
price : £10

to buy a licence please visit the
whiteLABEL online shop

read manual read licence download demo

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