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whiteLABEL sideFIRE

sideFIRE : Stereo Distortion & Enhancer
False Stereo || Enhanced Stereo || M/S Tweaking || Stereo Distortion

Freshly updated to verion 1.3, sideFIRE is a stereo distorter - that is to say it works by messing with the stereo part of the input signal. It can be used to widen and lengthen a stereo input, create false stereo from a mono input, code/decode mid/side format recordings or alternatively create monster stereo distortions.

sideFIRE works in the mid/side 'domain' (for want of a better word) and when it is fed a stereo or mono signal it first converts the audio into a mid/side representation. The side channel is then processed using compression eq and distortion before being recombined with the mid signal to become the output. Additionally a dual delay allows for the side channel to be moved in time relative to the mid channel, the net effect of which can be (for example) to alter a room's characteristics after the event (or mix bus).

V1.3 : smaller .dll = faster loading, improved metering with peak-hold.

VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi control

the free version is sideFIRE(lite) v.1.0 - the full version (1.3) has more controls and the improved interface

current version : 1.3
price : £15

to buy a licence please visit the
whiteLABEL online shop

read manual read licence download demo

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