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whiteLABEL niceNwide

niceNwide : stereo enhancer
Loudness || Binaural Cues || Early Reflections || Mid:Side Magic

Dragged kicking and screaming into the mid-90's niceNwide is a digital post tool for making your mixes nice. And just that little bit wider.

niceNwide features seven switchable tweaks to offer a variety of manipulations to the stereo field (and post-process niceness) of your tracks - and a single knob to control the effect depth. Along with subtleties such as a binaural cues generator and an early-reflection simulator there's a handful of gentle mid:side EQ touches to provide a little more lift, air or presence to your sounds and to round-off your mix there's both loudness and side-channel boost buttons.

Despite its simple operation it's not a 'one size fits all' device, so there's also a set of 8 presets broadly tuned to suit different musical styles - from rock to dance, pop to classical.

Metering comes in a choice of Stereo or Mid:Side so you can get an visual indication of the impact on your mix whether subtle or more forceful, and for comparison purposes there's also handy defeat and mono switches.

VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi learn

With the usual whiteLABEL visuals - skeuomorphic design and text-feedback of parameters and settings, niceNwide is really easy to use and simple to configure to get the best out of your mixes and gives you that additional bit of gloss to make your music shine.

... infact, it's so easy to use there seems little point in even writing a manual - load it up, hit a few buttons and wiggle the knob - simple, easy, nice ... and wide ...

The full version is a VST effect, but the demo only loads as a VSTi (instrument) - it has two additional buttons at the top of the interface - left hand side to select a wave file, and right hand side to play - other than that it is functionally identical to the full version ... except it will only play the first 75% of whichever file you point it at ...

current version : 1.0
price : £15

to buy a licence please visit the
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