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whiteLABEL falseFI

falseFI : comb-filtering false stereo machine
2 main modes || clean or old skool feel

Dead Simple : Feed any mono sound into falseFI and you'll get a stereo sound out. well ... sort of ...

falseFI's tweakable feed-forward comb-filter splits the incoming audio into varying width frequency bands which are then panned left and right creating a false sense of stereo. As the filter's offset time is changed, so the width (and therefore position) of the frequency bands is changed.

Featuring 2 main modes, 'old-skool' and 'fresh' tone settings, and a little m/s processing falseFI will have your mono tracks positively jumping out of your speakers in no time ...

VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi control

The demo has no automation or midi support, goes whacky for a short time every two minutes and shuts off after a while. The full version ... erm ... doesn't do this, but does have midi and automation support.

current version : 1.0
price : £10

to buy a licence please visit the
whiteLABEL online shop

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