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whiteLABEL baddASS

baddASS : Bass drum fortification device
4 waveshapes || gating || distortion || bit-crusher || E.Q. || MIDI Triggering

Updated & improved - baddASS now gives you even more bang for your buck. That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's upto *60% more BADD than before with a choice of 4 oscillator shapes and some swanky flashing lights. You'll be banging all night, bending & twisting, going down & dirty with the pert & frisky, baddASS - designed for added oooomph.

"very valuable to my mixes"
Greg Nesbit, G-Whizz Productions LLC
(Shugga, Fred the Godson, Busta Rhymes)

baddASS is designed for sorting out weak bass drums. It can be used to gate the incoming bass drum and reduce spillage, but thats just the start. From storming bottom end to (even more) evil cutting distortion, baddASS's drive, crush and EQ sections give you plenty of scope for re-inventing your kick. Add click for more attack, and re-inforce sub-bass content with pure waves, Parameters for badd, ass, and mix allow full control over the original bass drum, low-end reinforcement, and distorted nastiness - without using any compression.

new in 1.3 : use midi note data to control both pitch and trigger : feed it the notes from your bass part to have the bass-drum play along in tune ... use baddASS as an instrument to add extra sub-content existing bass lines.

VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi control

* "60% more badd" claim is, of course, utter crap - it sounds loads better with the additional oscillator shapes - probably more than twice as good ...

... happy banging with baddASS - demo based on V1.1, the full version is 1.3 with a slicker interface and improved metering better midi and external triggers.

current version : 1.3
price : £10

to buy a licence please visit the
whiteLABEL online shop

read manual read licence download demo

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