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whiteLABEL autoBED

autoBED : lookahead stereo ducker with virtual sidechain inputs
190 Fades || 3 Genders || 'just-in-time' mode

Radio Production : The classic use for autoBED is when you have a music track and a presenter's voice. Whenever the presenter is heard, the music fades into the background. As the music fades, its presence falls leaving focus for the presenter. When the presenter stops speaking, the music fades back in as its presence is restored.

Music Production : Control the presence of one group of instruments according to the level of another - for example when guitar, organ and vocal are all competing for space within a mix autoBED can reduce the presence of the guitar and organ whenever the vocalist sings, creating a little extra space for the vocal.

"ca marche super" ( Michel, Scopitone Studios, Paris)

V1.4 : Maintenance release.

New in V1.3 : Further improved metering with clearer view of levels and peak hold, slight decrease in file size.

New in V1.2 : Secondary panel for automatic presence control gender settings, cleaner easier to use gui and better metering.

VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi control

The free version (based on v1.2) switches off every now and then, the full version (1.4) does not.

current version : 1.4
price : £15

to buy a licence please visit the
whiteLABEL online shop

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