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Whilst TEV's aim is not to be ultra-realistic - it is designed to be just that little bit different : Two independent stereo echo and reverb units with enhancer and filtering to create a wide variety of spaces ranging from up-close and personal to large, larger, huge ... out there - beyond - other.

As seen in MusicTech Magazine issue 84

and Computer Music Magazine issue 161 - out now

6 screens, 68 controls, 192 presets, pdf manual, mono / stereo input / output, hi and low shelving filters, crossover, ms-and-bpm-timed echos into 2 rooms - 3 algorithms per room, 3 algo 6 mode enhancer (18 settings), graphic dynamics, vst automation parameters, midi (cc) control, mid/side flip and displace, 4 stereo balancers, stereo flip per room, 3 x-mixers, 2-colour noise, 2-stage distortion, VU meters, mirrored waveform meter, scope meter, correlation waveform, effect response animation, randomiser section, animated knobs, international keyboard support, 30 key+click commands, copy & paste between presets, built-in impulse generator, freeze function, text-input of major controls ... quadrillions of possible settings ...

Made for KVR's Developer Challenge 2009, Twin Engined Verb was awarded 4th place by public vote - only 4 votes behind the mighty de la Mancha's FMMF Synth - Bootsie's Ferric TDS and Christian Borss' Hybrid Reverb II came first and second respectively. Big thanks to everyone who's downloaded and voted for TEV, and a special thanks to those brave enough to step foward with bug reports - you know who you are ;)

Some of the nice things KVR users said about TEV :
"this one rocks,great job"
"very cool plugin, sounds awesome"
"it have it's own sound as well as sounding amazing"
"both subtle and wild effects - greatly appreciate it"
"TEV rocks. There are some very elegant touches on that GUI that make TEV a real joy to use."

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the next few weeks, TEV will still be available for download from KVR using the link below (after that I'll host it here - don't worry) - please download, use, and delight in the pleasures of Twin Engined Verb : Character Reverb.

gui (jpg) another demo (mp3) manual (pdf) download

Made for DC'09 - KVR Audio's Developer Challenge 2009.
Click Here to visit KVR and download the entries.

Echos and Rooms : TEV splits the input into low and high bands and uses a different echo and room effect for each band. The outputs of this are cross-mixed and fed into the enhancer section which uses mid / side processing : dynamics, delay, distortion and noise - shaping the signal before a set of stereo balance controls configure the wet and dry signals ready for the output mix :

Artificial space : From small, slappy bright spaces and long drawn-out echo-ing chasms. Damped delays and distorted noisy fsu effects. Passable rooms and implausible environments - there's plenty of scope for creating unique spaces. TEV's distortion has controls for level and threshhold with an additional boost button, and when used with noise, the impulse trigger button can be used to make all manner of explosion effects - handle with care ... If all that seems a bit much, there's 192 presets and a set of randomise buttons - the ultimate in lazy patch-design ... its probably a good idea to the read the manual tho :o)

design programming & build : daz disley
additional modules : david haupt, peter schoffhauzer, ralph gonzales, astral p, kelly lynch
additional contributions : unkargherth, built on the work of jeremy wakefield
presets : neoconcretinist, thunder
testings : ilkombo, db69, djvoon, geroyannis, autodafe, rsmus7
special thanks to g200kg for the most excellent knobman, amie slavin for singing
props : novaflash, prodyon, dlm, kriminal, e4m, evm, dsp

built with : SynthEdit 1.016 © Jeff McClintock

(download counter set a zero - downloads instead from KVR until December '09)

What's in the box ?

Low shelf filter
100, 200, 400, 800 Hz, 1.6 or 3.2 kHz
-18dB cut

Pre-effect crossover
range : 80 to 2500 Hz
slope : 6dB / octave

2 independent rooms
room on / off
pre-echo with controls for time (MS & BPM), feedback (0 to 90%) & damping (0 to 100%)
reverb engine with controls for size (0 to 10) and width (0 to 10) and choice of 3 algorithms
echo / reverb mix control
post-room stereo flip
stereo balance control

High shelf filter
400, 800 Hz, 1.6, 3.2, 6.4 or 12.8 kHz
-18dB cut

enhancer on / off
enhancer algorithm (one, two or three)
enhancer modes (clean, light, gloss, thin, overdrive, distortion)
enhancer amount (0 to 10)
post-effect, pre-mix stereo flip
output wet / dry mix
input and output stereo balance controls
distortion drive and threshhold controls per enhancer mode
mid / side pre-enhancer flip (on / off)
+/- 18dB output gain control

Auxilliary controls
freeze mode (on / off)
inpulse generator (trigger)
graphic side-band dynamics control
linked mid/side offset delay control
input mode (mono / stereo)
output mode (mono / stereo)
input and output stereo balance controls
seperate mid, side and output gain controls
midi input (on / off)
midi output (on / off)
individual randomisers on major controls
group randomisers for both rooms enhancer & crossover
30 key-click modifiers on each major control
international keyboard support (QWERTY / AZERTY / QWERTZ / DVORAK / COLEMAC)
embedded pdf manual
links to visit : kvr & whiteLABEL
credits screen

unique response display
input and output stereo VU meters
mirrored waveform display
scope view
correlation meter

current version :
.dll for 32-bit Windows
VST 2.3 - requires compatible host
minimum 1ghz CPU, 256mb ram
recommend >2ghz, >512mb ram
32 bit floating point resolution throughout
automation parameter support
midi (cc) support
192 presets in 3 banks

© 2008 - 2015 Rough Diamond Productions

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